Documentary « François Sagat – Follow Me »

Documentary « François Sagat – Follow Me »

In the documentary « Follow Me », François Sagat, a global icon of the gay porn industry, reveals an unknown side of his personality through the creation of his new album, a result of an artistic collaboration with Tommy Marcus, composer, DJ, and musical supervisor at Paradis Latin.

The idea of covering the song « Follow Me » by Amanda Lear, suggested by Cyrille Marie, program director at Pink TV and friend of François, marks the beginning of this musical adventure and the significant encounter between Tommy Marcus and François Sagat.

François Sagat shares with authenticity and sincerity the challenges he faces as a sex worker, often encountering contested legitimacy when expressing himself outside of this industry despite a very positive public and professional image. He discusses his struggles, his homosexuality in his youth, and the transformation of his body to please others. Psychologist Carole Groulet sheds light on the integration of sexuality in society and the emotional journey of personalities like François.
He explains how sports and working on his body have strengthened his self-confidence. Gregory Jeanmaire, responsible for recording the album, highlights the challenges of overcoming the porn label, affirming that François is a true singer and legitimate.

« Follow Me » offers a rich and nuanced dive into François Sagat’s universe, highlighting his quest for artistic expression and resilience in the face of prejudice. This intimate and touching documentary presents a man who constantly explores new facets of himself, with humility and authenticity.

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François Sagat
Actor, Author, and Performer
Cyrille Marie
Program Director at Pink TV and friend of François
Carole Groulet
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Tommy Marcus
Musical Supervisor at PARADIS LATIN, Composer and Producer of François Sagat’s album
Gregory Jeanmaire
Composer and Producer, in charge of recording, directing, and post-production of François Sagat’s album
Director: Christophe Hely
Production: 514 Production
Author: Alexandre Gras
Music: Tommy Marcus
Based on an idea by: Farid Ferry
Category: LGBT Music Documentary
Duration: 30 minutes and 35 seconds
Format: 4K
Language: French
Recordings: CNC, SACEM, and SCAM
Filming Locations: France: Paris, Bordeaux, Bassin d’Arcachon Le Studio La Seine Paris Le WorkShow Paris Biscarrosse Andernos-les-Bains Arès Biganos Audenge La Rochelle Lanton Aerial Views of Bassin d’Arcachon from Lanton Pink TV Offices